Translation of CV and Cover Letter to German

Germany is the economic engine of Europe and currently is the country in Europe that offers more opportunities to work. Many people are making the decision to move to Germany to live and work but many people do not know that one of the most important things when looking for a job is having a good CV/Resume and cover letter. A good CV/Resume and cover letter may increase your chances of getting a job interview and get the dream job or get your CV/Resume and cover letter ignored.

Although you do not know German, it is very important that your CV/Resume and cover letter are in German and in the format that is used in Germany. Did you know that in Germany you can not miss a photo of yourself on your CV/Resume and you should put that photo on a separate page? These things are very important when it comes to knowing how to prepare a good CV/Resume.

Although many employers here knows English many of them prefer to read these documents in their native language. Besides this way you show how much you want to learn the language and integrate into the company and the country, something that many employers appreciate.

Mr. Krüger can translate your CV/Resume into German and prepare it in the format used in Germany. In this way you increase your chances of being invited to a job interview over other competitors.

We offer our clients quality and experience. We are two professionals with extensive experience working and living in Germany.
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