Our rates are based on the complexity of the project. In case of translations, our prices are per source word and also depend on the specialization, deadline and the format of the text (Word / PDF / images or scanned documents).

Of course we can send you a free quote after we review your document.

Payment forms and Terms

Our prices are in USD and Euros. You can make your payment via Paypal, bank transfer (Only for clients in USA and Europe), Money order and checks (Only for clients in USA).

The payment method will be part of the  mutual agreement. The client is responsible for the bank transfer fees, if applicable. Our invoices are 30 days net from the invoice date. Just as you expect from us, timely delivery of any project, we also expect from you, the payment for our services on time. We charge a fee of 3% – but not less than 5.00 USD/EUR – for overdue invoices. To avoid this charge and for your convenience, we will send you an E-mail 1 o 2 days before the invoice due date.

An important part of the agreement is the identification of the customer. In case of unclear or insufficient data, and new private customers, a pre- payment may be requested.