About Us

Welcome to my website. Since 2009 I provide my clients with quality services. My goal is to provide the best to my clients. Because your satisfaction is my succeed.

I work in the field of languages since 2006, bringing the Spanish language to people of all background. In 2009, I expanded my passion to the translation world.

I grew up in Puerto Rico, with Spanish and English. When I finished my University degree, I moved to Germany.  I lived 15 years Germany, in those 15 years, I was privileged to study, work and learn the German culture. Today is German my daily language, the language that we speak everyday at home.

These are some of my qualifications:

  • Bachelors (BBA) in Business Administration with a concentration in computer management – PUCPR, Puerto Rico
  • German and Foreign language – Euroschule, Germany
  • Certificates in Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Phones, Videos Online – California, USA
  • Facebook and Twitter for business – California, USA
  • Teaching courses for Secondary Education – California, USA
  • Certificate in Online teaching – California, USA
  • Survey Techniques for Business – California, USA

I am also a technology lover and due my background in computer management, I also provide webmaster services in the WordPress platform for companies and general people.

Let us know what are your needs and request your free quote with no obligation.